Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Part 6 - World Building - The Unknown years

Before we follow the tracks of the World Building to it's last years, there is a collection of pictures with unknown dates. We start with seven pictures from the early years again, they may be taken the years before World War One. Indicator is look of the Tribune Building, before it got more floors on it's top.  

Here is another view down from the building on a undated stereo card. The direction may be north or north east direction.

A rare look on the World Building shows this picture from The photograph shot along the Park Row, in the foreground you see the bottom of the old City Hall Post Office.

We know reach the later years after World War One. The Municipal Building in the north appeared and the Tribune Building on the right side got more floors on it's top, the small Sun Building between World and Tribune disappeared.

Sources: Google and NYPL Digital Gallery

Part 7
World Building - the late years and the end

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