Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Welcome to a website,
dedicated to an amazing early skyscraper of New York City:

The New York World Building (1890-1955)

Part 1
Long before the World Building

Part 2
First World Building and Potter Building

Part 3
The Park Row Fire 1882
Part 4
World Building - the early years

Part 5
World Building at the edge of the gone centuries

Part 6
World Building - The Unknown Years

Part 7
World Building - the late years and the end

more postings  about the World Building 
were added at my German Website:

Construction and Demolition of the World Building

The Story of the World Building (told by alternative and recently found "new"pictures)

an unreleased vision of the World Building from 1889 (in German)

a new chapter about the World Building Annex from 1907 (in German)

a high resolution picture posted on Shorpy

as Part of the Lower Manhattan Saga:

Liberty lighting the World - Another visit at the Pulitzer Building

2014 - NEW NEW NEW !!! 2014
"Time and again" from Jack Finney
Following Si Morley on his time journeys 
through the 1882s New York City 
sorry - in German language

Part 1-7:

Last Part (7): June 14th 2014

- to be continued -